Reasons to Partner With Our Team


We put people first, paychecks second.
Sure we need to make a living. Everyone does. But we’re about people, relationships and helping others first and foremost. That’s why we chose Mannatech. They place people before dollars and it shows in everything they do. We always place “you” and your needs often even before our own.

We strive to make the world a better place every day.
Everything we do on a daily basis is for the betterment of something or someone. There are so many things out there that simply use up valuable resources and don’t really contribute anything. Many businesses are downright harmful. World health, malnourished children, helping a family make ends meet…these are the kinds of activities we put our time and energies into improving tirelessly.

We researched hundreds of companies to find Mannatech.
We didn’t just partner with Mannatech because our Aunt said it was great or we had nothing better to do. The truth is there are hundreds if not thousands of wellness based networking companies out there we could have chosen. We took our time, did our due diligence, and reviewed the top companies out there against our 20-Point Rating Criteria. Mannatech was the only company that scored a perfect 20 on our scale of 1 to 20. The results of our research were undeniable. They still stand alone nearly ten years later.

We have found a company with integrity and character and have partnered with them for years.
We didn’t just jump on the band wagon. We have worked closely with Mannatech for nearly 10 years. We’ve seen the kind of company they are through their generosity, giving nature and continued integrity. Whether it’s compliance, quality of tools and resources for associates, or sending $1M worth of desperately needed product to Haiti, this company is the “real deal”. This is something you can be proud to be a part of. They continue to amaze us every day.

We have a proven track record.
We’ve personally sponsored hundreds and have grown a global organization in the thousands. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We’ve enrolled teams, trained new associates, been to major events, earned incentives and been around the networking block. We know what works and what doesn’t from doing it, not from simply reading about it!

We genuinely believe Mannatech products are the most effective, authentic products anywhere.
Why wouldn’t we? Not only have they changed our health with amazing results, but we’ve watched them personally help “thousands” of other people. These products are based on real science, real testing and real results. Our business attracts many doctors, nurses and other health professionals who become disillusioned with traditional medicine and the way that industry merely masks “sickness” instead of promoting preventative wellness. These products work!

We’ve personally taken Mannatech products for years.
We’re not like some of these business builders who promote a product they don’t even use. Our family takes Mannatech products every day. Our kids take these products every day. We stand by them and our day wouldn’t be complete without them. If you want a first-hand account from someone whose life has been changed by these products, just ask us. We’re eager to tell you our story.

We have had our own life-changing experience from taking our company’s products.
We have no problem shouting from the rooftops what we believe Mannatech products have done for us. We cannot legally say the products are responsible, but we have seen our own health challenges improve and we are extremely healthy today. We essentially live life today free from the fears of sickness. We enjoy maximum function, energy and health and have for nearly ten years. We couldn’t always say that. You do the math.

We’ve heard thousands of product testimonials and met many of those whose lives were changed.
The FDA and DSHEA won’t give us a lot of latitude here, but we’ve seen what we’ve seen. Thousands of people at events, on calls, and in the media who swear by this stuff. Can they legally say our products are responsible for their improved health or turnaround to optimal wellness. No. But they believe they are and if you get them in a one-on-one conversation, they are eager to tell you exactly how dramatically their lives have changed. We’ve seen so many testimonials that cannot be explained, after awhile you simply begin to take notice and accept the truth.

We’re considered expert marketers and teachers.
A lot of times, you’ll get asked to join a business by someone not because they know what they’re doing, but rather simply because they know “you”. It’s nice to be invited to take a look at something by someone you know and trust, but that really has nothing to do with your ultimate success in their business. In fact, if they aren’t a professional with real marketing experience, they are likely to have more to do with your “failure” to produce results. Only by partnering with someone who has already proven their success can you in all likelihood attain success yourself. We’re professional Internet marketers and trainers. We will expose you to all of the tools we use, and help you to develop the skills necessary to really build a business.

We’re leaders and trend setters, not followers.
We don’t sit around and wait for a sign or for someone else to lead the way. We take action, we implement, adapt and overcome. If we need a tool and it doesn’t exist yet, we create it. We determine voids, fill them, and create new markets. We have the kind of team you’re glad you are a part of. You won’t need to reinvent the wheel with us. Follow our lead and do what we do.

We use social networking and social media marketing to grow our business.
Seriously, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon and hundreds of other social media platforms are redesigning the way the world window shops and ultimately comes into a business or product. Do you really want to work with someone who is not majorly plugged into this modern phenomenon on a full-time basis? We’re experts. We will use every marketing and social media tool at our disposal to launch and explode “your” business. And you can learn from us to do the same. These skills and social networks are the future of networking and growing a home business.

We use a proven system of follow up that you can also implement.
Our team utilizes one of the most thorough, comprehensive marketing systems available to manage and grow our businesses. It’s simple, easy to use, and streamlines so much of what we do. Perhaps you’ve struggled in other businesses before because you didn’t have a tool that helped you like this. Hey, we’re going to be helping you build your global team, but if you decide you want to help accelerate things, you’re going to love having this effective, versatile suite of tools that helps you get where you want to go even quicker! You can check it out for yourself here.

We know the officers of our company and many staff members personally.
We’ve known the people running this company personally for nearly a decade. We’ve gone on incentive trips with them. Attended events with them. They’re the real deal. These folks live to help others and make the world a better place every single day. It’s an honor to work with them. We consider them family and you will too. This business isn’t about making a fast buck. It’s about honor, character, integrity and service to others.

We have direct communication with corporate leadership.
Our direct mentor and leader is a top earner and producer in the company and has been at the top levels of our company for over a decade. Not only that, the company looks to our group for the very latest and greatest in marketing, technology and techniques for growing the company and business. Corporate is a phone call away and they actually listen and care what the associate base has to say. Our team in particular is very influential in educating the company leadership. The leader of our global team is “indispensable” and you too will soon be so grateful he is working hard to help build “your” team every day. Here’s a 5-minute audio where he talks about POWERLEG.

We go to major corporate events on a regular basis.
Dallas. Chicago. Seattle. We’re into networking. We go to major corporate events to connect with top company leadership and other associates. It’s also a great way to meet other team members. Is it required? No. But you can count on us to pass along helpful tips, announcements and techniques straight from corporate. It’s also a blast!

We have earned many company incentive trips and will also work to help you go on them.
This business is about way more than International travel, but it’s really cool when the team works hard and goes on some amazing trips together. We’ve been on an Alaska cruise up the inside passage, cruises to Cozumel and the Florida Keys, and stayed up and down the Mayan Riviera, always at 5-Star hotels, all expenses paid. We help people, we build our global businesses together, and we play together and have fun.

We have earned residual income with our company for years and understand the compensation plan fully.
There are about nineteen different ways to get paid in our company’s compensation plan. You don’t have to understand all of the nuances and details to start getting paid. Leave that to us. We understand how your business needs to be structured to earn short-term, medium-term and long-term residual income. Enroll with our veteran team so that you’re not following another newbie who may know even less than you. We know how to get you paid. We’ve done it year after year for nearly a decade.

We can make sure you understand how to structure your business properly.
It takes three legs to climb to the highest leadership levels and incomes in our company. But you don’t want to start there. Build two until the appropriate time and then it makes sense to go “wider”. Building your team incorrectly can cost you profits and valuable time. We provide the instruction you need to maximize both. Tips like this are invaluable. Draw from our experience to put a solid foundation in place that will provide the support for your strong business for years to come.

We have a direct upline that is active at the highest leadership levels.
Our direct leaders, mentors and close personal friends are some of the most successful, most giving individuals you will ever meet and they lead by example. If you are going to be successful, you have to build with and learn from those who are already there. Our leaders are a direct line to corporate and they are able to speak for the team when it comes to changes we’d like to see and learning about important upcoming announcements and news.

We can call a top level earner personally by phone and conference them into a call with you.
A top level leader and his wife are our mentors, trainers and close personal friends. It’s huge to have them in our corner, and yours, for support and leadership. These folks have integrity, character and will do anything to help others. Having them a phone call away is such a blessing and a great advantage in building our business.

We provide you with our photo and phone number.
You know who we are. We’re not just an upline number or position. You have access to our photo and phone number and can contact us any time you need coaching or help.



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