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Employee Wellness Programs: 12 Reasons Your Company Needs One

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Employee_Wellness_Program_LGThese days, it takes more than “sickness” benefits to keep you employees happy, working and productive. Employees want to feel empowered and implementing an Employee Wellness Program is a great way to boost your business. It’s beneficial for both the employee and the company for everyone at the workplace to take a proactive approach to health care, before problems occur. Focus on such areas as weight loss , smoking cessation , stress management and exercise, diet and fitness can really add so much to any company’s bottom line.

Here are the top twelve reasons why your company needs an Employee Wellness Program:

  1. Work Place Morale
    Healthy employees tend to be a lot happier and perform better. They also realize the company is helping to ensure their health and wellbeing, fostering responsibility and loyalty.
  2. Better Attendance
    Many afflictions keep employees from showing up, such as cold or flu, aches and pains, and obesity. Any of these could result in the employee taking time off work. A good employee wellness program will greatly reduce absenteeism, reducing costs and increasing productivity.
  3. Reduced Overall Costs
    Employee wellness programs have a range of benefits for employers. Reduction in overall company costs is #1 and comes as the culmination of really all of the topics on this list.
  4. Increased Productivity
    The goal of any employee wellness program is to encourage employees to lead healthier lifestyles. Period. Education, incentives and health care directed by the company and the employee wellness program accomplishes this over time. When employees are more productive they have increased concentration, energy  and output. It also ensures you are able to consistently perform at the desired level.
  5. Decreased Health Care Costs
    The implementation of wellness programs has been proven to reduce company health care costs. It’s simple…healthy employees don’t need it to the extent that non-healthy employees do on average. Less medical attention means lower medical costs. Institute an effective employee wellness program and watch your health care costs as a company go down dramatically.
  6. Improved Work Performance
    When your body is healthier you perform better. It doesn’t matter what your job happens to be. Employee wellness programs look at correcting lifestyle issues to promote healthy choices. Employees who participate in these programs have noted a substantial improvement in work performance.
  7. Increased Company Loyalty
    Increased employee loyalty is another significant selling point for Employee Wellness Programs. This is one of those intangible benefits that you really can’t put a price on. Company loyalty means reduced costs in terms of recruitment and turnover. This also makes for a more harmonious working environment.
  8. Decreased Health Insurance Costs
    Health insurance premiums are really on the rise. Employers are having to find new ways to reduce their health expenses just to stay in business in many cases. Companies that can demonstrate an effective, implemented employee wellness program pay less to insurers.
  9. Increased Responsibility
    An employee wellness program communicates to employees that the company cares about them. An employee who feels taken care of displays pride in his or her work and a deeper sense of affiliation to the “team”. This improved attitude can make all the difference in the world in how your company ultimately performs and how employees get along with one another.
  10. Reduced Sick Leave
    Wellness programs can have a major impact on the overall cost of sick leave for your company. Through education, proper training and changes in lifestyle, sick leave taken and and often needed goes way down. Imagine a workplace where people feel good and actually want to make it to work to perform to the very best of their ability!
  11. Competitiveness
    Your future employees are sizing you up against the competition whether you realize it or not. And many of the people and businesses you compete with are moving toward offering employee wellness programs as a part of their culture. If it’s between you and them for a job, and they offer a wellness program and you don’t, well…it tips the scale in their favor. Potential new hires consider a solid employee wellness program to be an “employee benefit”.
  12. Connection to Employees
    Employees that feel taken care of, valued and “connected to” function better in every way possible. When employees feel connected to their cause (your business) they want to strive to do their very best and tend to excel.

Implementing an effective, well-executed corporate wellness program or employee wellness plan may take some planning and time to gain proper support, but the benefits to both employers and employees are huge. “Show your employees you value their health and wellness and you may be surprised what they show you back in the way of loyalty, effort and results.” Employee health and occupational health may very well be the future of your business.

Coming Soon: Creating Your Company’s New Employee Wellness Program
Now that you’ve decided to take action, create and implement an employee health program, how should it be structured and what does it look like. You should create a plan that fits your company and your employee needs. Check back for the follow-up post.



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